Getting IB Scores After Orientation?

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I only had one session of orientation that I could attend this summer to schedule my college classes. I will be receiving my IB test scores following orientation and I am a Full Diploma Candidate so I will be receiving 6 test scores. Do schools normally let you switch your classes following orientation if you get credit for them? I am attending DePaul University if that helps.

Thank you!

If you have been assigned an advisor, this is a great question to ask him/her. There may be someone at orientation who can help as well. I’d also ask a moderator to move this post to the De Paul forum. It’s really school dependent.

My daughter is in the same boat with AP results. We were told that when she meets with her advisor, she/he will ask what she anticipates scoring and what she wants to try to place out of. For her school, they will make a tentative schedule that doesn’t get finalized until August. I would send a quick note to DePaul and ask to be sure.

Already done.

I am a professor and advise students at OSU. Yes, you can change classes once your scores are available. The scheduling process is flexible. The only issue that you may run into would be the classes you want are full. But after looking through the DePaul system, there are a lot of choices of classes. I would imagine you can find courses after scheduling.
You will want to register for the classes as if you do not have any IB credit coming in, as they will be the typical Freshman classes. If for some reason your score are not accepted (or high enough) you will then be scheduled in the correct class with the time you would want.
Good luck!