Getting in from California---impossible?

<p>I am starting to get worried, anxious, having fits, and freaking out whenever I hear that it is almost impossible to get into Pt from where I live (OC, California).
Every single person I talk to reproahces me for EDing for Pt, since it is mainly for those all rich and legacy students way up in East coast.
(well, at least normal students in East coast)</p>

<p>I find this argument ever more compelling whenever I look at all these local SAT prep institution flyers that list all the schools that their students got into.
THere are a lot of Harvards, Stanfords, Yales, Columbias, Browns, etc but NOT A SINGLE PRINCETON.
ANd, I am not even talking about one single prep institution flyer.
This seems to be the case for all that ever keeps their data.</p>

<p>Our school has got a lot of students into harvard, Stanford, and etc but not a single one to Princeton.</p>

<p>Is my future really bleak?</p>

<p>Yes, you should be very worried. I mean Princeton doesn't care who you are or what you do. They just need to look at the past history of your school.</p>

<p>/sarcasm if you didn't notice</p>

<p>In all seriousness if your school has a bunch of students who have been admitted to other top-notch universities, I can see no reason why it would be detrimental to you. They hire regional people to do studies of each individual high school, plus there's a first time for everything. You can bring fame and glory to your high school by being the first to be ever admitted to Princeton!</p>

<p>D was the very first one from her high school to get into Princeton, and actually, the first one to go to Ivy League. We live in California! Anything is possible. Also, there are many many others from California who got into Princeton. There were receptions in Nor Cal and So Cal for the Princeton acceptees and the lists were long.</p>

<p>I went to a few "Meet & Greet" events for newly admitted southern California students last summer. There were about 30-45 new admittees in attendance. I saw the RSVP list at one event. About a third RSVP'd that didn't show. </p>

<p>My educated guess is that there were approximately 60 kids admitted to the class of 2010 from southern CA alone, and that may be a bit low. </p>

<p>And as I recall, CA sends more kids to Princeton than any other state, except maybe NY.</p>

<p>For more details, contact the Princeton Club of Southern California:</p>

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"And as I recall, CA sends more kids to Princeton than any other state, except maybe NY."


<p>i was under the impression that there were more in-state admittances (NJ)</p>

<p>last year it was CA, NY, TX,NJ, in descendind order of acceptees, not sure of matriculants</p>

<p>oh wow, are you serious?
All of your comments bring me comfort yet I still can't help remaining skeptical at the fact that NJ students have a higher chance of getting in than these west coastners.
It is VERY odd that I have never ever heard anyone getting into Princeton in my entire county. . . . HMMM</p>

<p>I don't think its a higher chance, I think it's just that more people apply so its a proportional representation from the applicant pool, like Stanford and CA.</p>

I don't think its a higher chance, I think it's just that more people apply so its a proportional representation from the applicant pool, like Stanford and CA.



<p>Keep in mind that CA, TX, and NY have some of the highest populations in the US also.</p>

<p>last year, two girls from my high school were admitted into princeton, and my high school is in the OC.</p>

<p>don't lose hope for californians. it's just because many of us prefer to apply to harvard, yale, and stanford. or at least that's the conclusion i drew when looking at my own school. i am the only person i know applying to princeton early from a rather competitive high school.</p>

<p>also, think about it.. early action (HYS all has it) is still more appealing to many more people. early decision seems so final, so it could scare away potential applicants too.</p>

<p>Your last statement is very true, maryjane. I know one girl at my school whose first choice is so obviously Penn, but who was seriously considering doing EA at Yale instead of ED at Penn because she was scared of doing ED and then changing her mind. She ended up applying ED at Penn, though, as everyone knew she should!</p>

<p>ya, it would be a bummer to get deferred from Yale and to have "wasted" the ED chance at PENN. plus, it means a lot more $$$ and time for more applications</p>

my friends all gasped when I confessed I applied ED to Princeton in the end.
So, this seemingly rare chance of getting in is simply because people from CA prefer to apply HYS...</p>

<p>maryjane89, do you happen to know if those two girls from your school have applied ED or RD?</p>

<p>they both applied RD, which has an even lower acceptance rate, so that's [a bit] comforting haha.</p>

<p>but also, two boys applied to princeton RD as well, but didn't get in. so about a 50% RD acceptance rate at our school? too small of a number to tell. but this for sure, no one i know of has ever applied to princeton ED [except me].</p>

<p>It's not impossible to get in from California!</p>

In 2005–06, there were 3,987 candidates for the A.B. degree and 774 for the B.S.E. degree. The largest number of students came from New Jersey (633), New York (615), California (550), Pennsylvania (273), Maryland (208), Texas (198), and Virginia (179).


<p>California accounts for the third largest quota.
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<p>that's bizarre, at an admissions talk i was at, we got told cmpletely different figures.......</p>

<p>Maryjane, why do you think no one has ever applied to Princeton ED?
That is the same case around my area but this is not just the "fear" of ED b/c I know all others apply to Brown, Cornell etc EDs..</p>

<p>ONe of my conjectures is,, maybe, people were wise enough to know EDs work mostly for the legacy, URM, recruited athletics?</p>

<p>princeton just isn't popular at my school. stanford is the obvious number one choice for many, and harvard and yale have always been more famous with us. i'm not exactly sure why. it's just that our school has always sent more people to harvard, yale, and stanford, so no one in the subsequent years really thinks about applying to princeton.</p>

<p>I Knew It!!! More Instate Residents! Yahoo!!</p>

<p>Naw, there are plenty from California. I've met many of them. In fact I was there last weekend.
zz and mj, every high school has its own culture. At some high schools Princeton is the #1 choice for Ivy League, esp since they are #1 in US News & World Report and because of their reputation for being so undergraduate friendly, among many other things.
Where we're from in Calif, Stanford and UCB are the most popular to apply to partly because you have two excellent quality schools close by, and frankly some students or their parents don't want them to be 3,000 miles away. But D and the others we've met from California just LOOOOVE it at Princeton!</p>