getting in to UMDJC or Rutgers?

<p>Hey guys, i was wondering if i could get into these colleges. I dont have my exact scores but im going to eyeball them to you. I would like it if you guys can be brutally honnest with me as in dont hessitate to tell me if im not going to get in with my scores. Im trying to become a Dentist.
GPA: Weighted:94% Unweighted:90%
Sats: 1540 ( im going to retake them in October and November)
i still have to take the ACT's and Satii's
Im in TSA : Technology Student Association, I'v won a couple of compietitions.I'm in Key club. I was in Football(freshman year), Basketball. Also my grades have been sky rocketing from regular classes to Honnors.
I was think about these Colleges (some reaches, some safeties and some matches)
Rutgers(Newark & New Brus)
Adelphi University
Univ of Hartford
Univ of Pittsburgh
Penn State Univ of park
Hudson CC

<p>Thank You in Advance</p>


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