getting in waitlisted classes

<p>Hi all! Today I just came back from orientation 104 it was a great experience, except one small thing is holding me back a bit, and i just want to reassure myself. Anyway I signed up for a class and got 3rd on waitlist, I asked my counselor then if I should sign up for another time period, and he said I should be fine and get in... (I could have had time then to change it) So taking his word I sign up myself on waitlist.</p>

<p>But what i didn't know is that i would know if i got in the class AFTER school starts!!!!</p>

<p>but now i go back on my my.ucla site and it says that I am waitlist position 3 of 3... does that mean i am Last on my waitlist and should I worry about not getting in the class and what do i do, because i really want the class</p>

<p>i am sooo worried i might not get into the class! if i had known that this would be the situation i would have just signed up for another discussion time. I am so frustrated</p>

<p>do you guys know what to do to change classes now?</p>

<p>Actually I fixed this problem a few minutes ago :) admin please delete thread then! sorry for inconvienience</p>