Getting in + which to attend?

<p>Schools : UNC, Northwestern, NYU, Virginia, Emory, CMU, Chicago, Michigan, Cornell, Columbia, UPenn, USC, UCLA, Berkeley
Rising Senior
Race: Asian (Chinese)
GPA: unweighted - 3.75, weighted - 4.06
Class Rank: 28/603</p>

<p>ACT: 35
SAT: 2210
SAT 2: Math2 800, Bio E 720, Spanish 670, Literature 740
AP: World 4, Bio 4, Stat 5, Calc BC 5, Psych/Language/Spanish coming</p>

<p>Junior year: 3 AP, 3 regular
Senior year: 2 AP, 4 regular</p>


<p>Varsity Swim Team - 3 years so far, section qualifier
Year-round Swim Team (US Swimming Club) - 7 years, Junior Olympic qualifier, Far Western qualifier, Sectionals qualifier
Piano - 11 years
DECA - Business/marketing competitive club, State Presidential candidate, VP for local chapter, organized summer fundraising campaign, District 1st place (2x), State 1st place (2x), International qualifier (2x), International Top 10 in exam
Chamber Choir - 2 years, by audition, student-run acapella group</p>

<p>Volunteering: Little, 20 hours in freshman year, 20 hours grad requirement in senior year</p>

<p>Looking to go double major econ/finance, will pick finance over econ if double is not allowed, ibanking job is preferred. Which of those schools would I be able to get into, and out of those schools, which would you recommend I pick?</p>

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