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<p>I am concerned on whether or not I will get into Wash U because I go to a rural, low-budget high school with limited course options. I have always taken the most advance classes available, though. I am first in my class and have a 4.0 GPA, 4.6 weighted GPA. My senior year I will be taking Calculas, AP Bio, Psych/Sociology, Physics, Chemistry II... but I am still really concerned about whether or not they will accept me! I haven't taken my ACT, but I'm not the best test taker. I am pretty confident about my essay I have to write, and my teacher at school is really supporting me and writing a letter of reccommendation ( he is currently taking classes from Wash U! ) I do pretty well in leadership and extra-curricular activities. I am willing to do whatever I can do get in! </p>

<p>I'm just worried because my school doesn't offer very many advance courses.</p>

<p>Any advice would help!</p>

<p>look at my thread "stats of an accepted student." certainly they will consider your school's curriculum. just focus on doing what you love and let it show!</p>

<p>Hi prezley,</p>

<p>Well, your GPA is seriously very good =)
If you're worried about your school's course offerings, can you take classes somewhere else (at a local community college, for example?) If not, this is one thing you can write about somewhere in your application. I don't think it's going to affect your chances- especially since it is something beyond your control.
I agree with the above: "Focus on doing what you love and let it show!"</p>