Getting into a combined Econ Program.

I’m trying to get into a combined undergrad-graduate program for Economics at Miami University. It’ll end up allowing me to obtain both a B.S. in Business Econ and a M.A. in Econ in 4 and a half years if I get in. If I get in and it goes well, I’m considering a PhD program, but that’ll depend on how it goes.

My GPA rn is 3.72 and I’ll be applying in the fall.

On their website it states there’s “no minimum” GRE score to be admitted. After looking at requirements for other program though, I’m shooting for 165,165 quant and verbal with emphasis on the quant. My practice test yesterday put me at 165 verbal and 163 quant with 5 AWA.

My big concern isn’t the GRE though. I’m honestly nervous about my math record. The only math I’ve taken at the college level (barring Econ and stats classes which have math) is Calc 2 and I took a C. I’m taking linear algebra this fall and I feel it will make a big difference on my application if I can squeeze an A out in there to show aptitude for more challenging math.

I’m also going to try and get in on some undergraduate research if I can… but idek what’s going on rn with coronavirus and everything.

I believe the program only admits approx. 20 students per year. Does anyone have any recommendations on how I can improve my chances? This is something I’d really enjoy doing.


I think you should talk to the professors of the program. I’m assuming that since you are applying to this program you are at Miami U (since the program seems designed for current students) so I’d reach out to the economics professors running the program.

That said, economics is a mathematically intensive field, so you need to have good showings in your math classes. Make sure you keep taking math classes and doing well in them, and the undergraduate research would probably help too.

Thank you for your insight. I’m going to keep doing my best and see what happens.