getting into a good MBA

<p>Hey I am a chemical engineering undergraduate from Purdue University who will probably be graduating at the end of the year with a 3.3 GPA. I have a lot of undergraduate internship experience and great job awaiting me when I graduate. If I work for 2-3 years and then want to do an MBA, would I be able to get a good MBA(top 15) if I have great work ex, and stellar recomendations?</p>

<p>Yes and you should make an appt w/your career counseling office.</p>

<p>With a strong GMAT score and more like 5 years of experience with increasng responsibility for managing people, projects and budgets, you'd have a good shot.</p>

<p>3 years in a Leadership Role is more important! Leadership doesn't necessarily mean leading a BIG team. The Influence and contribution you had on the projects play a bigger role.</p>

<p>Were you able to:</p>

<p>1) Show Maturity in handling pressure?
2) Communicate effectively with your team?
3) Take initiative?</p>

<p>Your answer to the above three questions can act as a baseline for your application. Of course GMAT score and GPA do matter.</p>

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<p>Excellent school, excellent GPA. Why not think about taking the GMAT exam now, while studying for exams is a norm for you....and while all the math skills are freshest in your mind? </p>

<p>Most schools will look at GMATs for 5 if you apply for an MBA in 3 or 4 years, your GMAT score will be applicable! Just be sure to keep the score somewhere and not lose won't request it be sent at this time to any schools. Then when you are ready to apply for grad schools, go back to GMAT and give them the info on when you took the test etc, and have them send it to the schools of your choice!