Getting into a UC without an Art Class

<p>I'm an out-of-stater trying to apply to some UCs. But they require one year of Visual or Performing Arts, which I don't have (because my high school didn't want to fit art class into my schedule). </p>

<p>However I think I still have a chance since according to their site "there are 2 paths towards application" and that other path is 'Eligibility by Examination Alone.' It requires at least 1400 on the SAT and a combined 1830 on three SAT IIs, plus a minimum GPA and some other things. Thankfully I scored 1400 on the October SAT so I guess I'm still qualified.</p>

<p>Are a lot of people accepted into a UC this way? Will they look down on my app just because I lack art class?</p>

<p>Apply. The lack of the art class may be ignored if you are out-of-state. Also note that the test score eligibility is a minimum to be considered for admission; it does not mean you will actually get in.</p>

<p>I think what it means is that IF you have 1400+ Sat and 1830+ SAT II, that you are still eligible to be admitted, despite the fact you don't have an art class. I had the same problem and panicked for weeks until I realized that I could still be eligible without the class.</p>

<p>Also, eligibility just means you have a chance of getting in, not that you will.</p>

<p>Art 1, surprisingly, was a very difficult class. I barely pulled through with an A (90% I think) and I'm a good artist.</p>

<p>That's all I have to say.</p>

<p>All I know is, the UC fine arts requirement was (and is) emphasized greatly at our school. But since you're out of state and will pay a lot more than the rest of us, UCs will probably love you despite your shortcoming. I'd contact the admissions office though, to play it safe.</p>

<p>I don't know if they accept students that are missing this requirement, but you gotta figure that only 8% or so come from out of state, and they are going to look at people that meet all the requirements first. Hopefully, you at least had 2 semesters of art even if not full year.</p>

<p>I didn't take any art at all. I'm the layout editor for yearbook and have been active in Art Club for 3 years though, but those activities don't count. If I knew they still accept some people even though they had no art I would be a little relieved. I'll probably just contact them if anything. Or hopefully my SAT II scores are high enough. </p>

<p>Thanks for everyone's help</p>