Getting into combined after a year undergrad?

<p>Do any of the combined ba/md programs allow people that are freshmen in college to apply?</p>

<p>Before finding out about college confidential, i didn't think i would get into any of the combined programs that i knew of. Now, it's too late to apply. And i want to transfer into a combined program. I have good stats and usually come out good from interviews....</p>

<p>any ideas, anyone?</p>

<p>They have a program at the Univeristy of Florida like that. Its called the Junior Honors Medical Program, it lets you finish in 7 years. There are only 12 places though, you have to be pretty impressive. I may apply. I think you apply early soph year.</p>

<p>remember that the UF program is only for florida residents</p>

<p>does anyone know if their is a program like that in the NY area?

<p>yeah i'm also looking for such a program :/</p>

<p>Binghamton University allows you to do that. you can apply as a sophmore to get into their program and i think they combine it with a Syracuse University Med program.</p>

<p>i could not find any info about this program at binghamton website. can you tell me more abou this program? in what program are you as a sophmore?</p>