Getting into Dental School

<p>Does anyone know of any stats about Fordham student's acceptance rates into Dental schools by any chance?</p>

<p>getting into grad school is upto your ability. Good school does not make you to go to grad school. I've seen harvard undergraduate students who didn't even make to the regular state grad school.</p>

<p>that is very true. But if one were to take Tufts for example, wouldn't it's dental school be more likely to accept those that went to its undergrad school? Or is that not a factor in the admission's process. It is just something i heard that happens with Law School Applications, but it might not apply to dental schools</p>

<p>IMO, only Law "Firms", not schools, are picky on name of grad schools.</p>

<p>i'm not talking about being picky, i'm talking about continuing your grad school education in the school you got your undergrad degree. It might "promote a higher sense of community within the college or university" as many like to put it.</p>

<p>I know someone from my year who is at Tufts Dental School and I know plenty that are at top 25 law schools.</p>

<p>thanks for your replies, fordhamgrad23.</p>

<p>Anyone else have some thoughts on this topic??</p>

<p>Going to a school which has a dental/law/med school as one of its graduate schools will not guarantee admission there. I got into Fordham Law but also other higher ranked school solely based on my LSATs and grades. I know kids that did not get into Fordham Law and tried. Likewise I have kids at my law school that went to Vanderbilt, Penn, Harvard, etc and did not get into their respective law schools.</p>

<p>well, im gonna talk to my pre-health adviser and try to get some stats from her. I guess i'll make my judgement based on that.</p>