Getting Into Graduate School

<p>Is the school ranking or the program ranking more important for getting into a good graduate school?</p>

<p>I'm trying to decide between Vanderbilt and UT-Austin. I'm going into engineering and Texas has the #9 engineering program while Vandy's is ranked #43. On the other hand, Vandy is ranked #19 overall in the nation while UT is #44. I also got into the honors program at Texas. So what matters more? Vandy's prestige or Texas's strong engineering program?</p>

<p>Oh yeah and I think I'm going to go to graduate school for business if that matters at all.</p>

<p>generally program (ie, picking fine arts) > school ranking, but please don't base your decision on rankings alone. those numbers are prone to fluctuating, and you don't want to spend the rest of your life regretting what could "have" been.</p>

<p>wait, honors program? you're entering college now? dude, both are great schools. you're there for college -- there is MUCH more to be considering than numbers in a field you're just starting out in. pick where you'll be happiest. academics will follow.</p>

<p>As you're going into graduate school for Business, I doubt undergraduate Engineering rankings are going to be very relevant.</p>

<p>Forget about the rankings and go to whichever you like more, and do well. Both are great schools.</p>

<p>Why do you care about engineering rankings when you are wanting to go to business school?</p>

<p>I'm planning on getting my undergraduate degree in engineering and THEN go to business school. Im a high school senior right now deciding on where I want to go next year. I like the two schools almost the same so I'm using this as my deciding factor.</p>

<p>I think people are asking why you are doing engineering and then business. Are you going to get your MBA? I don't think MBA programs are that selective about the background of their students, as long as they show competency in the business side. At this point, it doesn't matter which school you choose. You may even change your mind later :).
At any rate, I think UT-A is more affordable than Vandy and being in the honors program there, you may have more of a chance to 'shine' and stand out from your peers. I make this judgment based on my preconceived notion that highly ranked LAC student bodies have an edge over a large public institution.</p>

<p>1st of all, it's silly to even consider them. If you are in-state in Texas this is a no-brainer.</p>

<p>As for graduate business school, the school you attend will not be important. If you can, I'd shoot for a 3.5 GPA though. Then, you will also need a few years of post graduate work experience prior to getting into a good MBA program.</p>

<p>Goodness. Go to college first. Get through your first year and come back and tell us how it went and whether you like engineering enough to stay on that track and drop the idea of going to a b-school. Or if you dropped engineering and are doing somthing else.... Lots can change in your first/second year of college. :)</p>

Absolutely true.</p>

<p>Agreed with VectorWega.</p>

<p>Did you get some outrageously good scholarships/aid at Vanderbilt? If not, go to UT-Austin. Don't spend an extra 30k a year based on rankings. If you hate the atmosphere or can't stand the big school or need to get out of TX then I could be more sympathetic... a little... but seeing as how it's between Vanderbilt and UT-Austin and you're trying to make the last decision based on rankings, go to Austin. You'll save money, you can have connections close to home (relatively, just in case you want them) for summer internships, and as long as you do well and are active in getting internships/jobs then you will be fine where ever you eventually end up, be it doing an MBA, some other graduate program, or just working.</p>

<p>This all coming from a kid who went out of state of college just because the only college at home was basically a commuter/adult college and there are no opportunities other than oil in my state. Paying for a private school, priced like Vanderbilt, wishing I had instate somewhere like washington or california (texas if not for the heat).</p>