Getting into Ivies!

<p>Hello guys,</p>

<p>I am currently graduate student in the University of Texas at Austin. Here is some basic info of my academic profile: 3.5 GPA, advance knowledge of Greek (13 years) and Latin (10 years), modern Greek as my native language, and German (reading knowledge). I took part in several academic conferences. I would like to get into Yale, Brown, and Cornell. Any comments?</p>

<p>Good luck, fellow Greek! Lol not too many of us here on CC. What is your major and how well are you doing in classes that pertain to your major? What are your passions exactly and how do your ECs and resume reflect those? Best wishes, Καλά Χριστούγεννα και καλή χρονιά! :)</p>

<p>Hello, fellow Greek. Me megali xara anakalupto enan Ellina se auto to forum. Spoudazo classics me eidikeusi ston arxaio Elliniko nomo kai istoriografia. Mou aresei to UT, alla mias kai o supervisor mou exei apofasisei na syntaksiodotithei, arxisa na psaxno gia allo uni. To Yale kai to Brown exoun eidikous ston arxaio elliniko nomo, to Cornell stin istoriographia. Bathmologika ta pao kala se auta ta pedia. Ta Latinika mou den einai kai toso spoudaia oso ta perimena, alla sta arxaia skizoume!
Esu ti spoudazeis? Se poio uni? Mporeis na me diafotiseis ligaki gia ta proanaferthenta universities?
Xronia polla kai kala Xristougenna from chilly Austin,

<p>Thank you! I am not fluent in Greek, but i think I got the gist of all you wrote. I am born/raised in NC, but I can definetly tell that you love humatities and classics. Brown and Yale are my two favorite schools, I am only in high school, so I don't know too much about graduate studies. If you are extremely proficient in the courses that pertain to your major (which I'm guessing is a history or language-related topic), then that is important. I do know that essays and building up a great resume are needed for Ivies. Are you pursuing a masters degree? Where did you get your undergraduate degree? For your application, you need a "wow factor" that makes you stand out and makes the admissions people eager to admit you. Have you done anything that you can put on your application, something that like a major award or internship or anything? I honestly cannot tell you if your profile is good/bad enough to get accepted/rejected because I don't know what those school's policies are on transferring grad students and what they look for specifically. No mporo na se diafotiso ligaki ta proanaferthenta unis. </p>

<p>Λυπάμαι, είμαι σπουδαστής γυμνασίου που δεν ξέρει αρκετών για τη διαδικασία αποδοχών να σας καθοδηγήσει. Οι καλύτερες ευχές ψάχνουν την περιοχή για λίγο περισσότερη βοήθεια</p>

<p>Hello, big dreamer. Sorry, for writing in Greek before. You must be a second generation Greek, right? I'm Greek. I took my BA in the University of Cyprus. I pursue my Master's degree in the University of Texas at Austin. I work with a world-known specialist in Greek law and literature. I hope that with his assistance (letter of recommendation) I will be accepted by the above-mentioned universities. I took part in several conferences (TCA, CAMWS), presenting some papers of mines and I have passed a difficult Greek translation exam last year. My GPA is satisfactory enough (3.5), I think. I spent 13 years studying Greek and I really love working on Greek law, historiography, and political thought in Greek tragedy. I hope that my apprentiship under the guidance of my MA supervisor and all these qualifications will alow me to be accepted by Yale, Brown, and/or Cornell. </p>

<p>It's very good to "e-meet" you, big dreamer!</p>

<p>Hey Lysias! Yes, I'm second-generation, and have yet to go to Greece yet :( I'm self-studying with a book I found in my basement and will take Greek classes in college. Wow well that is quite impressive, you surely have a wonderful passion (ELLAS!!!!!! :) ) and it shows in your body of work. You seem to be very well-accomplished and I wish you the absolute best of luck in getting in :) I am getting slightly nervous because I apply next November and there is a lot of pressure. Your GPA is pretty solid, it would help for it to be 3.8+ so I have heard around this forum. But your experience with the specialist and conferences may be good enough if you really make yourself glow in your essays. Don't worry about writing in Greek I could read a good amount (well bits and pieces), just not get it all in entireity. </p>

<p>It's very good to "e-mee" you, Lysias!</p>