Getting into Ivy League (Specifically Yale)?

<p>So, I want to find out what my chances are at being accepted into top universities in the US (especially Yale.) This resume is not completed since I haven't started senior year yet. I'm having some anxiety as I am finally becoming a senior, and I feel like an ant compared to all the other accomplished young adults my age. I'm not president of any clubs, nor have I received any distinguished awards from the nation (shucks.)</p>

I currently live in Hawaii. I've lived in NYC, Shanghai, and Maryland, hopefully giving me an interesting life story? (Also, my uncle recently started a farm in rural China and every time I go back to visit, I help out. I hope to spend more time there later on and help build infrastructure, sell goods, etc.) I am entering my senior year and will graduate 2013. </p>

I go to an International Baccalaureate school so we don't exactly have GPAs...but apparently I have close to a 5.0 weighted because I have 7's (highest grade) in all my classes so far. I'm positive I'm in the top 1%, I go to a reaaaaally small school.</p>

-SAT: 2180 (700 CR 700 W 780 M) (first time, will probably take again to boost my scores)
-ACT: 32 (31 W 28 M 36 R 34 S) (first time, will take again to boost my math, that was a total fail, I could feel it when I took the test.)
-SAT 2's: going to take it this Saturday, but I feel a bit ill prepared.</p>

-Internship at Hawaii Marines Newspaper (contributing writer, photojournalist, want to pursue a writing career)
-Employee at Antiques and Treasures (been working for over a year)
-*I hope to get another retail job soon, I find it quite fun. Clothing would be nice!</p>

-6 week intensive program at Hawaii Youth Conservation Corps during the summer
-Japan study abroad this summer for two weeks (leaving in two days!!!)
-Lab internship at Queens College in NYC for 6 weeks this summer
-taking initiative by organizing beach clean ups around my neighborhood
-dance at Dance Spectrum Hawaii</p>

<p>In school:
-Environmental club (we don't really have appointed positions)
-PAAC (pacific asian affairs council, we don't have appointed positions yet either)
-lifetime member of Japanese National Honor Society </p>

-Full ride academic scholarship for high school (saved my parents $45,000 because I go to an expensive private school in Hawaii)
-Top Student Award in English and History 2009-2010
-Top Student Award in English, Design Technology, and Environmental Systems 2010-2011
-Top Student Award in Psychology (2011-2012) as well as winning the Yale Book Award</p>

<p>...and that's about it (for now.) Sorry if this is long, this is my first time posting.</p>

<p>so loooong V_V</p>

<p>One thing that will undoubtedly set you apart is your cultured and diverse background. Use it to your advantage.</p>

<p>Lol ope. Newbie right here.</p>

<p>Yeah, I was hoping to go for that angle since I don’t have any big name awards and accomplishments or things like that.</p>