Getting into Med School

So currently I have a 3.18 GPA overall, but have a significant amount of extra curriculars and am involved with 2 research projects. I plan to take the MCAT this upcoming August and apply next year to Med schools (will be a senior this Fall semester).
During my gap year, I’m confused if I should do a Post Bach or do scribing. What would really help me in terms of getting into a MD/DO school? Would I event get in?
And if medicine doesn’t work out, would my credentials get me into Optometry school?
Kind of feel like my chances of getting into Medicine is slim. Not impossible, but very very slim.
Would really appreciate any insight.

Med schools care about the following 1) Overall GPA 2) science GPA 3) MCAT score.

Getting in with a 3.18 is going to be very difficult. What is your science GPA?

Its around 2.85

Look here. Acceptance rate by MCAT score and GPA

Unless you are black you have next to no chance of admission to an American medical school based on the tables. Even if your MCAT’s were outstanding (which seems unlikely based on your science GPA) you would still be a long shot.

I am not to familiar with post back programs, but I thought those were mostly for people who were a bit older and needed to crank out the premed science classes. Some of those programs are connected with specific med schools and have good acceptance rates. You might seek out a counselor at one of those programs to assess your chances.

You have to switch gears. If your GPA had been lowered by your grades in philosophy and economics, it’d be one thing. But your science GPA puts you out of contention for med school, DO school, and likely PA programs.
You could try to stick to medical professions and do a BS to BSN transition program. Most states have one at the flagship and there are a few private programs, too. They typically last 18 months. Here are examles from various regions of the country and various selectivity: