Getting into the Honors Program

<p>Hey Everyone. My college selection is pretty much narrowed down to Tulane and American. I applied EA to Tulane and admission to their honors program is really attractive but I also love AU. I applied RD to AU and was just wondering about admission to their honors program.</p>

<p>Do they invite you to participate in their honors program in your acceptance letter? Or are the honors students determined later on? Thanks in advance.</p>

<p>If you're invited to join the honors program, you'll get that invitation in your acceptance letter. If not, you may have an opportunity to join the program after your freshman year, depending on your academic success at AU.</p>

<p>Getting into the Honors Program at AU is a little different from some other schools in the way that they ONLY look at your SATs and GPA. A lot of other schools will take your extra-curriculears into consideration. If you don't get a message that you got in in your admissions letter, I've heard of people getting their guidance counselor to call the Honors Program and make a plea for them. This worked for 4 people I know.</p>

<p>thanks guys, 'preciate the help. im a little bumbed though, because id really benefit from a more holistic approach to determining their honors students. My SATs are 1310/2000 and my GPA is 3.88 and I'm in the top 10% of my class at a very competetive private school in Oklahoma. Do you think I have a shot?</p>

<p>I've seen somebody with less than 2000 get into Honors Program, but that person was an affirmative action candidate and had an unbeatable connection to the school (i.e. high ranking school official's child).</p>

<p>Besides that, the lowest SAT by an Honors student that I've heard is 1360 on 1600 scale.</p>

<p>Even if you don't get in during your freshman year, its not very difficult to make good enough grades your first year to enter in as a sophomore. You'll still have time to complete the requirements</p>

<p>I know of a few students who got into the honors program after one semester at AU this year. It is certainly not over if you don't get in out of high school. The reason that AU doesn't look at anything else besides scores and GPA is because now they can wow people with averages like a 1440 and a 3.9 in admissions guides. </p>

<p>It is certainly true that there is a substantial difference in student quality from from the regular courses compared to the honors courses at AU.</p>

<p>Would a 1490/2190 and 3.86 get into honors most likely?</p>

<p>Does an academic scholarship usually indicate acceptance into the Honors Program? Because I just checked my financial aid status and they gave me one. Would the offer come with the acceptance letter that has been mailed out?</p>

<p>Btw, to those who did not receive the "eagle" e mail, I recommend checking your financial aid award package on you student portal. While my admission status has yet to be updated, the financial package has been...</p>

<p>I don't want to cause you guys any further anxiety, but I am hoping that it will relieve some of you from the stress of waiting.</p>

<p>To salpert, most likely, not promised but a very good chance. Financial aid does not promise honors program. It depends on how much you got. If it's somewhere in the ball park of 15,000-17,000 I know of a lot of students with those scholarships who aren't in the honors program. The average scholarship for honors students, also known as the "presidential scholarship" should give you a hint you're most likely looking at honors.</p>

<p>Salpert- I got into honors with 1480/2070 and a 3.92UW, and I got the same scholarship as you, so I think you're really likely to get in too.</p>

<p>D received the package today. She is disappointed that she didn't make the Honors Program. She must have been just under the requirements. This will make it hard because she really likes American and they have a program at SIS that she really is interested in. </p>

<p>How difficult is it to get in after being there either after the first semester or the first year? Do they accept students into the program based on elected major?</p>


<p>See info from AU about how to join the honors program: University</a> Honors Program</p>

<p>In my acceptance letter it said that I would "soon receive an invitation to apply to our Learning Communities"</p>

<p>Does this have anything to do with the honors program or do they tell everyone this?</p>

<p>Thanks pswillia, I already checked it out. Doesn't seem too promising - I have to admit that when we were at the "Day in the Life" program, the director of the program seemed more interested in the boys than the girls. I remember we were the last ones to leave and wanted to thank him for being invited to the program - he didn't even acknowledge us. I guess that was a foreshadowing of things to come?</p>

<p>The Associate Dean on the other hand was very gracious and spent a lot of time with my D. Mixed messages.....</p>

<p>S did not get into the Honors program with 1440,2240, 3.89 unweighted grades with 4 APs, and National Merit Scholar (received word today). Math too low. Hopefully he will get in next year. I guess it is extremely competitive this year.</p>

<p>I got into the Honors Program with much lower stats (found out last week). Maybe you should call and ask- it could be an oversight.</p>

<p>I called and they said the average GPA was 4.4 something but I explained we don't have weighted grades. Also said that the 1440 was too low despite the double 800s in reading and writing. Said you can appeal but that it was pretty firm. We were surprised, this is S's first choice of school and has been admitted to six others, all with admission to the honors programs. I don't mean to sound bad about this, if you are beaten you are beaten, and that is real life, plus he has a chance next year, but we did find it somewhat odd.</p>

<p>i think AU has been discovered, and the competiton is getting even worse than it's been. and i know they still don't see the writing in the same light as the CR and Math. so i guess son is still going? good luck to him!</p>

<p>tunkertech~ i've been thinking about you and it's really hard to imagine s didn't make honors, especially being NMS. did he get any merit money? i would think that's how they got around it. when i looked at the stats you provided, it looks like his math was 640, so i guess they not only look at the total 2-score cut-off, but how they break down. also, how were his ECs, especially volunteerism and leadership? i don't know the average # APs at AU, but maybe they wanted him to challenge himself more? unless your hs doesn't offer many? i don't know...just trying to figure. good luck!</p>