Getting into UC system after being dismissed

Hey there, I’m honestly really confused and it’s been hard for me to get ahold of anyone to talk about these specifics with. My main goal right now is to transfer into a new UC after being dismissed from UC Davis and attending community college. I have so many questions but some of my CC counselors don’t have the answers and I’ve had issues with contacting counselors from a UC. So I left UC Davis in bad academic standing and am currently attending CC, will I automatically get my transfer application denied because of this? Do I need to go back to UC Davis to fix my academic standing before I can transfer to a new UC? If I took degree required classes with a P/NP basis because of the exceptions during COVID, will those be able to transfer to the next UC and still be eligible for the degree? I saw someone mention that they withdrew from a UC and were told that they could not get a degree any other UC. Is this true? Sorry for the bombardment of questions, just has been a hard time getting support and answers for these without getting the runaround.

It really depends on what UC you are targeting. Each UC has an admissions process that is different for each school. You should contact the school that you hope to attend and speak to the judicial affairs office. Call them.
Here’s the policy for Davis:

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Here’s what I found online:
"Transferring to another UC campus

Students who were previously enrolled at a UC campus and want to transfer to a different UC campus must be in good academic standing (last term and/or cumulative UC GPA of 2.00 or above) at their prior UC campus to be considered for transfer admission, even if that UC campus is not their last school of attendance. All courses completed and grades and units earned at a UC campus during fall, winter, spring and summer terms are transferable to another UC campus (however, some UC Extension courses may not be transferable). This means the UC GPA “follows” the student to another UC campus."
Does this mean I have to go back to UC Davis and become in good standing with my grades before I can transfer to another UC?

Every UC should have a Judicial Affairs office. Most likely, you can attend CC and try to make up some of the courses you failed or performed poorly at Davis, but it has to be in accordance with a plan for readmission to whatever UC you hope to attend. You have to contact the UC where you hope to attend and ask them what you need to do for readmission to the UC system.

This is something that your CC guidance counselors should have access to.

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Okay, thank you. It’s just confusing because on one website it says that I need to be in good standing at my previous UC in order to transfer even if its not my last school attended, whereas in another spot on their website it says I need to be in good standing at my previous college/univ. attended. Super confusing.

My interpretation is that you need to be readmitted to UC Davis and maintain a good academic standing before you can transfer to another UC. So as stated by @aunt_bea, you need to contact UC Davis and find out what is required to be readmitted.