Getting into UCSD

What are my chances of getting into UC San Diego?
I’m a military kid (if that helps), and this is my 3rd high school. I’m a senior now.
I’ve had all As from freshmen to junior year, except for 2 Bs during the second semester of my sophomore year.
Current GPA: 4.195, or 4.2
SAT Scores: (old SAT) Math:600, Reading: 760;Writing:620;Total: 1980
AP Scores: AP English Lang, APUSH, AP Pscyh, AP Euro I’ve gotten 5s; AP Bio and AP Enviro I’ve gotten 4s.
I’m an officer for a volunteer club this year, and I’ve been on varsity swim, captain my junior year, and in church orchestra.
I retook the SAT, the new one, and I’m getting my scores tomorrow!!
What else do I need to get into UCSD?? I want to major in biology since I’m aiming at getting into med school to become a psychiatrist

Biology is a capped major at UCSD, so if you apply have an alternate major in mind just in case.

What is your UC GPA?

Your SAT score of 1980 is on the low side so repost when you get your new scores.

Here is the Freshman Profile for UCSD. For the best chances you want your stats above the 50th percentile especially since Biology will be extremely competitive.

GPA and test scores of middle 25%-75% students for UCSD::

High School UC GPA: 4.00 - 4.27
ACT Composite Score: 28 - 33
SAT Critical Reading: 590 - 720
SAT Mathematics: 630 - 770

Make sure you write some outstanding essays and if possible take some SAT II subject tests in Biology and/or Chemistry to play up your strengths.


Good luck, UCSD is a good match school.

I’m going to take SAT subject test bio and lit in December, and my new score for SAT is 1400 exact. 720 reading/writing, 680 math, and 21/24 for essay