Getting into University Park

<p>I'm talking about the main campus.</p>

<p>If I don't get into this, how much of disadvantage is it?</p>

<p>Or is there any at all?</p>

<p>hell it's probably an advantage. by the time you transfer to UP, you'll probably have a higher gpa than most of the people who actually began their college careers at university park. and if you live within commuting distance of a branch campus, you'll probably end up saving a lot of money. the only drawback is that you'll be missing out on the big college experience but you will eventually get to expererience all of that once you transfer to UP.</p>


Umm, sorry but what connection is there between GPA and which campus you're at?</p>

<p>The only disadvantages are the ones you choose to be disadvantages. If you like big campuses and you got into a branch campus, that will be a disadvantage to you but not to those who like smaller ones. So it depends.</p>

<p>Other than personal preference, I don't see any disadvantages.</p>

<p>So, with a good GPA, is tranfer to UP guaranteed or do students still need to request teacher recommendations, transcripts, and all that bureaucratic paraphernalia as if transferring to another school?</p>

<li>And since we are on the topic, and location not being a factor, which is the best satellite campus(with good size and large faculty) to go to?</li>

<p>everyone in a satalite campuses get automatically transfered to main campus after the 4th semester.</p>

<p>but for some majors like Chem E they get transfered at the 4th semester because Abington doesn't have some courses for the 4th semester.</p>

<p>I mean i am in Penn State Abington(freshman) and we only have 10 majors here, so most of the kids go to Upark after their sophomore year.
and some stay here and graduate from here.</p>

<p>the good thing about PSUAbington is the classes are way small, like 20 to 25 kids.</p>

<p>its not like transferring from one school to another, well atleast in PSUAbington.</p>

<p>"teacher recommendations, transcripts, and all that bureaucratic paraphernalia as if transferring to another school?"
you don't need any of that dude.
but one has to pass the entrance to major process.
i mean for Bioengineering you need a minimun gpa of 3.3
but for most its 2.00</p>