Getting loans

<p>im trying to see if attending college is going to be possible, and I see lots threads about having loans, and debts, etc, but my question is this</p>

<p>Can I get a loan if I don't get a co-signer?
If in your finaid package you have loans do these require a co-signer?</p>

<p>I live with my dad and he has really bad credit, my mother wont sign it (i dunno about her credit) I don't have anyone else to sign, do I even have a chance at getting loans through the school?</p>

<p>I applied for one at citibank for my CC but was denied. </p>


<p>Stafford Loans are not affected by a students credit, or lack of credit and do not require co-signers. Any private loans may require co-signers depending on your credit and the lender. Each has different credit requirements so shopping around can sometimes prove useful.</p>

<p>perkins are another type of loan that may be included in a financial aid package -- and I don't believe they require a co-signer. also -- if your financial aid package includes loans for the parent to take out and you parent doesn't qualify due to poor credit, the limit on your ability to borrow Stafford loans increases to the amount that an independent student is allowed to borrow.</p>