Getting off the Waitlist at Brown University

<p>Hi everyone. I'm a high school senior student. I have just been put on the Brown University waitlist. However, I have great interest in Brown, and extremely interested in finding out how I can distinguish myself and eventually be taken off the waitlist. I talked to my school counselor about how much I really want to go to Brown, but my counselor said the only thing I can do is just sit and hope. But I figured there must be some things that I could do. Therefore, I would really appreciate any advices, things that people have done in the past which worked, and general guidelines. Thanks a lot!
- JJ</p>

<p>truthfully.. there really is little you can do ocne you are on the waitlist. Waitlists are generated so that admitted students who decline the school can have their niches filled...just hope that someone similar to you is going to reject brown and is one of the people they want to fill.</p>

<p>well... there is nothing to lose in trying... i mean... if i want to go to that school that badly... getting some helpful advices and actually carrying them out is peanuts, comparing to, if it does happen, being accepted.</p>

<p>Brown University dosen't seem to post their Common Data Set on their Web site.
The Office of Institutional Research does have lots of other data though - Link:
<a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Brown University
Fall 2003 ( From US News)
Number of qualified Applicants Placed on Wait List..........1400
Number Accepting a Place on the Wait List....................450
Number of wait-listed Students Admitted.......................154
Total Class Size 1426
10.8 % of Class came from the wait list in 2003.</p>

<p>While it is hard to generalize from one years data, it looks like they make extensive use of their Wait List.</p>

<p>You should contact the Admissions Office and update them with any new information that would help your application for admission. </p>

<p>Talk with an admissions officer and let them know that you are still very interested and would attend if offered admission.</p>

<p>Good Luck</p>

<p>yeah, that's exactly what i did. i included a letter in the waitlist reply card and told them about my continued interest in brown. however, i e-mailed the admission office about 2 weeks ago regarding sending them new info. no reply so far though (not like it's unexpected). right now, i'm wondering how i should approach the admission officers.</p>

<p>I was going to suggest that you write a letter stating your continued interest and that you'd attend if admitted, but apparently you've already done that. I guess, for now, I agree with you counselor. If you actually do have new information, you could send it to the admissions office, but other than that, you've done your best. Good luck!</p>