Getting off the Waitlist

<p>I was waitlisted at the School of Communications for the Theatre major, and am heartbroken. I want to go to Northwestern SOOOOO bad, even if I don't get the Theatre major itself. I'll be sending them a personal letter, updated academic information, and samples of my playwriting. But does anyone have any other ideas to strengthen my chances of getting off the waitlist?</p>

<p>Sorry, but northwestern is known to waitlist more students than they reject. SO you need to work hard here. Visiting the school is your best bet. Even though they say "admission people wont be able to interview you if you come and such", once you are there it will be hard to say that.</p>

<p>don't listen to the guy who just posted. "Northwestern is known to wait list more people than they reject" That's complete bullcrap. 25000 people applied this year. I'm guessing about 2000 got offered the waitlist. Writing to let them know your continued interest will probably help. Visiting is probably the best way to demonstrate interest though, especially if you haven't visited yet.</p>

Wrong school. That's WashU.</p>