Getting Organized and Focused And staying that way

<p>Lately, school's had so much work to do. This is my Junior Year and it's crazy as ever. With the pile of school work I'm receiving, I don't even have time to study for SATs and sleeping.</p>

<p>I was wondering how you manage your weekdays in time, organize fashion and what do you do on weekend? What are your study habits? What are your note habits? How many hours of sleep do you get? How do you not procrastinate on hw? Things like these...</p>

<li>I only do what is needed for grade.</li>
<li>I procrastinate always (like right now).</li>
<li>I study like crazy before major tests.</li>
<li>I do required homework very barely and in between periods or right before school.</li>

<p>When I was a Junior I:</p>

<li>Worked for grades</li>
<li>Cut down some weekend plans if you want weekday sleep.</li>
<li>Study for major tests, nothing else.</li>
<li>Decide when a couple assignments are going to be not done, gotta make sacrifices.</li>

<p>Here's what I do right now:</p>

<p>-Procrastinate (I'm starting to manage my time better though)
-Studying (It really does help, even though last year I got all A's without studying)
-Do homework (I can't rely on good test grades anymore)
-Priorities, meaning working on the classes with the lowest grades first.</p>


<p>-do my hw from easiest to hardest or which is less to more time consuming
-study the nite b4 the test
-prioritize myself, which class(es) are weak and try to do more work there
-do my hw or study in my "dead" classes or whenever the teacher goes to a meeting or doesnt care or something and its just us</p>