Getting Ready to Start SMU

<p>I will be starting SMU in the fall. What do guys typically wear? I intend to rush when eligible and want to fit in. Anything I must absolutely bring with me? Thanks.</p>

<p>SMU is a great school, right down the street from my mothers house. Most of the girls up there just wear shorts and a shirt. SMU is mainly rich kids so you know, dress to impress lol. Bring a laptop, other than that clothes lol. </p>

<p>do you already live in Dallas?</p>

<p>I'm in Colorado. Thanks for letting me know what the girls wear, but I am a guy. </p>

<p>I'm set with the laptop and ready to go.</p>

<p>just relax and be you.
don't do the whole "i just want to fit in" thing. it's college not HS</p>

<p>i c, but it really doesnt matter what you wear. polo shirts shorts and flip flops. dress like you did in HS</p>

<p>what ever you feel comfertable in. I assure you i've seen people running around in pjs and one guy wore a kilt all year O.O</p>