Getting Recommendation From Coach for Masters


<pre><code>I have recently graduated undergrad from Caltech in Computer Science. I am planning on applying to Masters programs in CS such as Stanford/CMU next year. I plan on doing the masters while working, so I was planning on having 1 recommendation come from my boss, 1 from a professor I know really well. Stanford requires another recommendation, and I can either pick a professor that knows me somewhat well, or my college tennis coach (I played for the school team), who knows me very well and could provide a different perspective than the other recommendations. I'm just wondering, is that kind of recommendation good for Masters admissions or should I just go with another academic/industry person?

<p>Professor over coach. The coach doesn't have a PhD, doesn't he?</p>

<p>I didn't know CMU had a MS in CS. I thought they only had a PhD program.</p>

<p>Do not submit a letter from your coach. Your coach cannot speak to your academic abilities. In general, only professors should write for you, unless you are applying to a vocational program, in which case letters from supervisors in industry can be acceptable.</p>