getting recruited

<p>how good do you have to be at a sport to be recruited, and does being recruited increase your chances? also what sports do they tend to favor? thanks :)</p>

<p>Short answer- If you are a rising senior, are coaches calling you?</p>

<p>What is your sport?</p>

<p>i'm in 10th grade, & i do all types of sports. I wanted to know how good I'd have to be to have a better chance of being recruited at schools so I know if theres any point in trying, and which sport(s?) i should focus in on.</p>

<p>easiest sports to get you in if your good are lax / football / hockey / track</p>

<p>doesnt really sound like your good enough to get recruited, no offense but you'd know already if you were getting recruited for one of those sports. you'd be attending certain camps this summer and meeting coaches</p>