Getting Rescinded [one C grade]

Suppose I have one C for one marking period but have a B average will I get rescinded from my college, a top 50 school?



They will probably send you a letter asking you to explain the decline. Be honest, tell them what happened and how you intend to remediate. Colleges don’t like to rescind offers, so most likely you will be OK.

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It is highly, highly unlikely to happen.


It’s unlikely to happen for one C. Several C’s for a selective school could indeed be a problem.

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My kid had a D his final semester. Got a letter of “reprimand” from his “top 20” college over the summer, saying basically they will keep an eye on him once the school year starts. Continued to do miserably in that same subject in college freshman year, but still there in Junior year doing just fine. Just don’t do anything really outlandish and you should be fine!

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Thank you! I appreciate that. I have a B+ Semester 1 average and right now I have a C however, I will be able to bring that back up to a B-/B. Will I be fine? I have 4 As and 2 B+'s for my other classes.

I will probably end with a B for my final grade in the class. With that B included I will have 4 As and 3 Bs for my final grade in senior year.

What grade would I need in one singular class that I would get rescinded?

As a rule, no D’s or F’s.

Okay thank you!

Forgot to add that out of the 9 classes that I am taking I will have 7 As and 1 B+ and if I do poorly (which I hope I won’t) I will have one B-/C. Will I be fine with this for all my colleges? Even if I get into a t20?

Of course, I’m no expert, but I would recommend you keep working hard while enjoying your last semester of high school! From our experience, it would not be rescinded for a C, much less a B-. Look forward not back, and you’ll be fine!

Usually, it is a D or F grade in a course that was in-progress at the time of application / admission that puts an admitted student as risk of rescission.

If the offer of admission lists specific conditions for grades or GPA in in-progress courses, refer to that. If it vaguely refers to “maintaining your academic performance”, the usual assumption is that a D or F grade or “large” GPA drop will risk rescission. But the definition of “large” will be unknown and stress-inducing for the student with senioritis.

These statements are not consistent. Which is your expected result? What was your unweighted GPA before? What conditions does your offer of admission list?

You’ll be fine. Don’t get a D or F.

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One C? IMO, no.

Your school should have given you “conditions” with your acceptance. Read them.

And no way you’ll get resinded for a C…not even close.

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My college letter clearly mentions it will rescind for " drastic decline". I am an international student and have been accepted into aerospace engineering ( Georgia Tech). Most of my final grades are fine ( A’s).

BUT my term 1 score in MATHS was 96/100 (A grade).
This has gone DOWN to 78/100 ( C Grade). Maths is very closely related to engineering, so I am really scared that I will get revoked for this.

So in short all A’s with one C ( a straight decline from A). Will I get revoked?

Any kind of insight will be deeply appreciated.

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Your specific situation is not dissimilar to the Original Poster’s question. Therefore, all the responses given apply to you as well