Getting rescinded?


<p>I am a high school senior and already got accepted to U of Richmond.</p>

<p>Thinking of attending there, I am also worried about the senior second semester grades.</p>

<p>I had about 3.6 unweighted gpa until the first semester and my grades plummeted during the second semesters(No D or F.. but many B's and C's)</p>

<p>I am trying to bump them up .. but have you heard any person having gotten rescinded from U of Richmond?</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>I think it is highly unlikely that your acceptance will be rescinded for B’s and C’s. Did your acceptance package have any caveat about maintaining your GPA?</p>

<p>rorror, I’m not sure what “many” C’s are, but my own admission was rescinded 11 years ago for a poor second semester senior year. Ultimately, I got it worked out, but trust me, you don’t want to receive one of those letter in early July.</p>

<p>Spiders05// I am sorry to hear that… and I am really attempting to bump my grades up again. So did you not make Richmond ultimately? Did they send you a warning letter or just a letter that said your own admission got rescinded?</p>

<p>Thank you.</p>

<p>PAVenturer// it says the university reserves the right to withdraw admission should the final trasncript show significant decline in the level of academic acheievement or personal conduct</p>

<p>I guess “significant” is subjective. I trust Spiders05 completely though. I would focus on your finals and get your grades up as much as you can.</p>

<p>PAVenturer// Okay Thank you! I will try my best</p>

<p>As I mentioned above, I got it worked out.</p>

<p>Why would they send a warning letter that your grades dropped after your second semester of senior year when you have no way to improve them? I was just sent a letter informing me that I was no longer eligible to attend. That said, I had one grade that was worse than yours. Just do your best to avoid the letter.</p>

<p>My previous transcripts has been quite stellar-all As for 4 years (9-12), my 13th grades (A level, weird system), mid year was 4As and 1 C (math), but I guess C in math didn’t affect so much since I did well in Math level 2 SAT II, and my finals are 2As, 2Bs, and 1 C (math).
Do you think that could affect my admission?</p>

<p>blue, do you think one C is “significant”?</p>

<p>It is math, so it might be…
And our school doesn’t let us know GPAs, but can someone estimate what the GPA above would be? :/</p>

<p>Approximately 4.2</p>

<p>Rough GPA’s for A-levels
A - 5
B - 4
C - 3</p>