Getting so many B's junior year?

<p>It's my junior year, and I got all A and A- averages as my final grades on my transcript but now I am getting so many B's for quarter grades (Honors Physics, Honors Pre-Calc BC, Honors English, US History, etc.). I'm getting pretty anxious that I'll have a couple of B's as final grades in my transcript, which could hurt my college chances. My top colleges are Carnegie Mellon, NYU, Northeastern and Boston University. Is this kind of stuff supposed to happen junior year? Any advice?</p>

<p>I’m a senior and junior year is a pretty tough year mostly because of work loads and college searches. If you need help, ask your teachers or teachers of the same subject to tutor you. You can also work with your teachers if your work load is too heavy (TEACHERS DO UNDERSTAND MOST OF THE TIME). Plus, the quarter isn’t over yet so you have time to pull your grades up to top notch again. Do you have a free period? If you do, every day of the week go to one teacher and ask for help. Teachers love students who take action so they will be more willing to help them.</p>

<p>Also! This might be overreaching but you can always ask for extra credit.</p>

<p>I’m sure you’ll do fine and good luck in your applications next year!</p>

<p>hurdle is correct. we teachers love to see students in our offices and labs. hurdle is also pointing out that you should change your habits as school gets harder. if that means going to see teachers, that’s one change of habit. others are reducing game time, spending more time sunday studying, maybe cutting back on work, asking peers for help, etc. the same thing will happen in college. don’t keep doing the same thing if it’s not working for you.</p>