Getting Student Tickets

<p>Just wondering how much student tickets cost for Basketball and Football at KU? </p>

<p>I know that seats come on a first come first serve basis, but what about getting and paying for them?</p>

<p>The All-Sports Combo package is $150 and guarantees tickets to football games and the opportunity to get basketball tickets on a first come basis. The only additional ticket fee is a service charge for basketball tickets, somewhere around $1.50/ticket. The package is a great deal and will be explained at orientation. It is listed under the optional campus fees on your KU card.</p>

<p>SILC:</a> Optional Campus Fees</p>

<p>If you're hoping to see a lot of the games, you should definitely get the All-Sports Combo. There's no longer any service charges for the basketball tickets. What happens is that when you enroll, you select the optional campus fee for the All-Sports Combo. When classes start (and football season) you get an email about how to pick up your football tickets. You have to go down to the fieldhouse, I think, and pick up physical tickets. </p>

<p>For basketball, things get EXCITING! You're guaranteed a football ticket for every game you want to go to with the combo pass. But, with basketball, there's a system called camping. You're not guaranteed to get into every game, or even get good seats, but you have a chance. The morning after a game, everyone who wants to go to the next game shows up at 6am (8am on saturdays & sundays) for a lottery. Students organize themselves into groups of 15. For each group of 15, you get one draw out of the hat for a number. The number is the order in which groups will be allowed into the fieldhouse. But there's a catch. You have to have a member of your group at the fieldhouse at all times between lottery and about three hours before the game begins. This means that there are camping shifts from 6am to 10pm every day, unless the groups vote to take a break. Breaks are also taken for womens' games, cause they need the fieldhouse clear. How do they make sure everyone's there who needs to be? Anyone in the fieldhouse can call roll call, where they take roll, and if you don't say "HERE!" you get crossed off the list. They have to check the bathrooms & wake up anyone who's asleep before roll calls. There are certain pickup dates for basketball tickets, where you have to take your student ID down to the fieldhouse to get the tickets put onto your ID card, but you can also do this online without any fees, at least, we could this year. If you have more questions, you'll find out more when it gets closer to basketball season. RAs usually know what's up if you're in student housing, or meet some upperclassmen and ask them about it when it gets close to basketball season. I think that's a good overview of the basketball game process, but KU Athletics sends out emails to all the people with all-sports combos to remind them about the process for football and for basketball. </p>

<p>Rock Chalk!

<p>Awesome! I just got my all sports package! </p>

<p>Another question, how do things work with March Madness?</p>

<p>Not much really happens on campus for March Madness. The Final Four and championship games were both shown on the jumbotron in Allen Fieldhouse. Besides those two games, people gather in dorm rooms, bars and restaurants to watch it together.</p>

<p>Jadore is right. Lots of gathering everywhere to watch the games. If you're lucky and have small classes, you might have a chance of getting the prof to put the games on the projector, and in discussions, sometimes TA's are perfectly fine with game updates during class. Depends on the prof/TA though.</p>

<p>@IDK9777 - How do you know if you got the tickets. I went to enroll and pay and clicked on the package and clicked save down on the bottom and nothing happened after that. Are we supposed to get an email about it or something?</p>

<p>@nasali - don't worry. They'll send you an email about ticket pickup when it gets closer to football season. You'll see it charged to you in enroll & pay, if you checked the box & saved it. If there's trouble, you can always print out a statement from enroll & pay and take it down to the ticket office (Allen Fieldhouse, I believe) to argue about it. Last year's email didn't come until August 18, and I think by then school's started and everything. Just chill, and ROCK CHALK!</p>