Getting to Boston

<p>What is the easiest way to get to Boston from Brunswick?</p>

<p>Concord Trailways bus. It leaves from campus and goes to both South Station and Logan.</p>

<p>Here's the schedule.
Concord</a> Trailways : Maine Coastal Route Bus Schedule</p>

<p>awesome. Thanks KSolow</p>

<p>Anyone recommend the train route?</p>

<p>The train is very nice but you have to get to Portland to catch it . .</p>

<p>How about from Southern Conn, like near NY, all the way to Brunswick by car? Whats the drive like? How long?</p>

<p>Here's how I drive back and forth to New Haven:
<a href=",+CT&geocode=&dirflg=&daddr=brunswick,+me&f=d&sll=41.320623,-72.925186&sspn=0.26661,0.510864&ie=UTF8&ll=41.955405,-72.333984&spn=2.111894,4.086914&z=8%5B/url%5D"&gt;,+CT&geocode=&dirflg=&daddr=brunswick,+me&f=d&sll=41.320623,-72.925186&sspn=0.26661,0.510864&ie=UTF8&ll=41.955405,-72.333984&spn=2.111894,4.086914&z=8&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>Traffic can be bad in Hartford and in Mass on 495, but other than that, it's easy highway driving. Longest time to make the trip, 6:30, shortest time: 4:30</p>