Getting used to the questions and answers - is this supposed to happen?

Hi everyone!
I started prepping for the SATs some time ago, and I don’t know whether the following is meant to happen or not:
I did the practice tests over and over again, and I got used to the answers without really reviewing. Everytime I redo the practice tests, the answer automatically pops into my head because I remember the answer from the last time I checked my answers. That’s also why I now get scores above 1550. Is this meant to happen during prepping or not? If not, then what do I do?

No, memorizing the answers to prior tests, even unintentionally, is not a good way to prepare for the actual test.

Do you have access to any set of test questions that are completely new to you?

that’s the issue…not really unfortunately. only the practice tests :frowning:

I would recommend getting prep books (such as Barron’s or Princeton Review) that have more practice tests available and doing Khan Academy practice questions online.

If you go to r/SAT they have all of the QAS Sheets for all of the tests for the past couple years. If you’ve gone through all of those, then you need to go to books.

Just work Mike berret the ultimate SAT black book… It will raise your score significantly