Getting your BA from a CC?

<p>I think I posted this in the wrong section before so Im posting it here, anyways...I currently attend Polk State College in Lakeland fl, I was considering transfering to UF (hopefully) or UCF. However PSC offers a Bachelor's of applied science in business. I was just wondering if anyone has gotten their degree from a community college ? Or would they want too? The price is amazing, and I wouldnt have to take out any loans. Also does anyone know how good the program is compared to some of the schools I listed above? Thanks in advance for any replies!</p>

<p>Welcome to Polk State College! (just incase someone wants to look!:] )</p>

<p>The community college bachelor's degrees are relatively new most places. I know nothing about yours, but in my opinion, that degree will probably be most valuable in the region where you live until you get some experience. You might go directly to the school's placement office and see what kinds of jobs the grads get.</p>

<p>Crap the link I posted didnt work :( and I asked my advisor and he said they don't know what kinds of jobs their recent BAS grads are getting. How do you think that degree will fair outside of my current region?</p>

<p>Oh and my link was <a href=""&gt;;/a> (without the dashes of course lol)</p>

<p>I would ask whether they have any internships or other programs set up for you to get some experience before you graduate. I would also keep asking what kinds of jobs people get. Someone has to keep track of that even if your advisor does not. I really do not have a clue about value out of the region.</p>