***Gettysburg College RD 2022 Applicants***

I am creating this because I haven’t seen a blog space for the 2022 class!

Has anyone heard anything about decisions being released?

I haven’t heard of anyone hearing back RD yet. I have not. Supposed to be end of March, and they don’t send an email it’s by snail mail. @ianstone15

I haven’t heard anything except that they send it by mail :confused: I feel like even if they release it soon I’ll receive it next month! If anyone hears anything please share it! Best of luck to all

For internationals, they said they will notify through email in my Gettysburg account. For domestic, it’s through mail. I recently contacted the admission office. They’ll be releasing it starting fro third week of March. best of luck eveeyone.

@pessimist10 thank you so much! Best to you as well

@pessimist10 thank you so much! Best to you as well

Based upon previous years, an educated guess regarding the decision mailing date is March 16, 2018. Just a guess.

hopefully! sooner would be even better although I know that is a bit optimistic lol

is this everyone’s top choice?

@stellallets Not really a top choice, but would certainly go if provided with enough aid. But, chances are low so let’s see. How about you?

@pessimist10 it’s in my top group but I’m in a similar boat as you! I already was accepted ea places I just am waiting on 3 (Gettysburg included)

Does anyone know if they mail big packages for acceptances? I know some schools send regular old letters for them lol

Gettysburg is one of my very top choices, but again, I don’t think I have the highest chances of getting in .
I’ll probably get my decision via email ! I was scared that they mail decisions for internationals too, it would’ve taken so long to get here.
Crossing fingers, decisions will be released soon…

Waiting for Muhlenberg and Simmons too. Then I’ll have to make my choice…
What other colleges have you applied to guys ?

@itisali Simmons in boston?? I just got accepted!

I’m waiting on here, nyu and bu

Honestly they’re all reaches lol I’ll be thrilled with any acceptance, but don’t expect it

@stellallets yes !! My status hasn’t been updated yet I’m so nervouss haha

@itisali same! Best of luck to you! Where are you located?

@stellallets I’m an International student from a french school in northern Africa :slight_smile: Hbu ?

@itisali oh awesome! I’m from Massachusetts! So pretty close by to Gettysburg

Acceptance letters in the mail today per twitter.

Do you mean that the RD decisions are coming tonight? I am an international student by the way. so, will it be sent via email also?