Gettysburg vs. Dickinson

<p>I have been trying compare financial aid awards (need based not merit based) at Gettysburg and Dickinson. Gettysburg seems to have a bit higher endowment. Any thoughts? Gettysburg counselor told us more award MAY be given with ED because "more $ in the til at that time."</p>

<p>Gettysburg is known for meeting 100 percent of your need.</p>

<p>Another mom here of a first year Gettysburg student. I was extremely happy with my daughter's financial aid. While she did receive a large merit award, we did not apply ED, mainly because we were afraid the pkg. wouldn't be enough for her to attend. She always knew it was her first choice. </p>

<p>I was recently at the school for parents' weekend, and I overheard a conversation in the dining hall. A young man was talking to another family about why he was at Gburg. He just happened to visit the school during a family vacation. He liked it a lot, but didn't think his family could afford it. He applied anyhow, and was pleasantly shocked when he saw that it was very affordable for his family. The other girl replied, "Yeah, that's pretty much how it went for me, too."</p>

<p>I really hadn't heard that there is more money available for ED candidates, but I do know that a large percentage of the class is accepted ED. Unless your child has some compelling reason to apply ED to either school, why not apply to both schools and compare the aid?</p>