Gettysburg Waitlist Class of 2024

Do you guys know when will we be hearing back from Gettysburg?

Luckily, my son received a call last night from the admissions office that he has been accepted to the Class of 2024. Good luck to the rest of you who are still waiting to hear back!

Did he receive an e-mail as well?

Yes, he received an official email, with almost a full-ride grants. Thank God!

Congratulations and Good Luck!

Hey, I was wondering if either of you are an international student waiting for Gettysburg College

No, local. Washington DC

All the best to you then

I am international.

hey @Yall19ie have you hearc back from them ?

Nothing just yet. You heard anything?

not yet. let’s hope for the best

Hey ,please do inform if either of you get any updates or information

Thank you, wish you same

Hey ,
Any updates?

Hey. no not yet

Hey I checked in a couple of other college threads, it seems that colleges this year haven’t really accepted a lot of people from waitlist or atleast there seems minimal activity on that decision.
What do you guys thing
Is it that everyone from this thread actually got rejected or that Gettysburg still hasn’t released the spots.
What are your views?

I have started to get very anxious now because I had applied ED1 got deferred and then waitlisted.

Still on the waitlist and have not heard anything. Got a near full ride at Centre College in KY and have accepted the invitation to attend. Still interested to see what happens with Gettysburg, though. Congrats to all who got in, and good luck to those also waiting.

Aren’t they supposed to reach out if we’re no longer on the waitlist?

Yeah but it’s not time yet, looking at earlier threads, rejection emails went out around 6th to 9th June while acceptances were within the first week of May but this year might be different because of covid-19. You can send an email to the admissions office but u’d be told applications are still under review. I have done that time and time again and I think I’m becoming a nuisance.

PS I’m international too and I’m asking for loads of aid so fingers crossed we get in.