Giant lecture halls?

<p>if i really wanted to get a section with 1000 students, would i be able to do so? ;)</p>

<p>^Ugh. REALLY?! You would WANT a 1000 student section? WHY, may I ask? </p>

<p>My kids’ college goals revolve around avoiding large classes! And here you are … lol.</p>

<p>There aren’t any classes with 1000 students in them. Most classes are probably in the 20-50 student range. I would have to check, but probably the largest class is probably around 200, and that would not be the norm. These large lectures often have small labs that go with them.</p>

<p>I’ll look on mybama and see what I find. LOL</p>

<p>There are a few 100-level large lecture classes…such as Intro to Bio (non-majors) and Principals of Biology. I’m seeing that those bio lectures have class sizes in the 200s. Their associated labs have 30-45 kids. Labs have TAs helping out.</p>

<p>Biology BY127 lecture hall does host a few large class sizes - seems to range in the 200+ range in class-size (except for a larger Anatomy and Physiology class) I haven’t seen that room, but I imagine it’s theatre-style with stepped seating. I noticed that that lecture hall is often used for guest speakers.</p>

<p>Shelby 1004 Lecture Hall also hosts some large lectures (about 200 kids). Labs have 24 students each.</p>

<p>I think Bama does a good job by having profs do the lectures (which causes a few of these large classes) and not using TAs for lectures. So, a few large classes might occur in a student’s schedule, but in the overall 4 year college experience, smaller classes will be the norm.</p>

<p>Anyway…these large classes are not the norm, especially when one gets into one’s major. </p>

<p>All Frosh Comp classes are limited to 25 students…which is why there are 147 separate sections offered this fall. LOL</p>

<p>Reading between the lines here, I think siglio21 is trying to show his parents that it is UC, not UA, that has an abundance of cattle-call classes. If so, keep up the good work, siglio! :)</p>

<p>I’ve never heard of a lecture that had an enrollment of more than 250ish. I can’t think of lecture halls that hold more then 300 people. There are some in ten Hoor Hall, Alston Hall, Biology Building, Shelby Hall, Lloyd Hall, maybe some more I don’t know about.</p>

<p>^^lol xD…not quite true, but great idea haha!</p>

<p>i think ucla had a 1200 student section this past semester…i remember reading somewhere that ucsb had 900 students in this one class (it had 200 per lab portion) and a couple of 800 student ones…</p>

<p>a friend told me that cornell (or was it cal?..dont remember) had an intro to astronomy class that had 1000 students (they met in the theater) and a waiting list with over 2000 students… supposedly the prof was really popular</p>

<p>it’s nice to know that UA keeps its ratio low :)</p>

<p>Siglio, when are you going to visit Bama? we could set up meet and greet with all the dd’s and ds’s!</p>

<p>maybe spring break if at all…we dont plan on visiting colleges too much…</p>

<p>thanks for the offer though :D…i’ll PM you if im going</p>