gibbons to biel road

<p>my class in Hickman hall ends at 940. I need to get back to biel road. I took the ee home but it tooke a whole hour because it looped all the way to college ave then back. walking would be quickest, but it's too dark & scary for that. Can someone please tell tell me if there's another way?</p>

<p>It's funny you mention this, because I just dropped my son off at Cook, and he pointed out the 'scary forest' that he had to walk through to get home at night (he was joking, but it looked very scary to me!) coming by bus from Livingston ~10pm.</p>

<p>I'll ask him your question today. I'm not sure if there is anything shorter than walking when you are dealing with those Cook/Douglass bus stops.</p>

<p>You can try putting your info into this website and see what you get: <a href=""&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p>

<p>My son says to walk to the Red Oak La or Lippman Hall bus stops. From there, take the EE or F (may be out of service at that time). Both go to Biel Rd. He said that Gibbons is after Biel and goes to College Hall and then College Ave before looping back.</p>

<p>yeah i would say leave hickman, go over the bridge, walk through loree hall (which is right in front of the bridge). once you get thru loree, turn right and walk along the sidewalk towards the parking deck. red oak lane bus stop should be on the opposite side of the road. from there take the EE. biel road should be the 3rd stop from there.</p>

<p>also, if you are uncomfortable walking in the dark, you can always call RUPD (more info about that here: Rutgers</a> Police | Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey) and ask for someone to escort you to a bus stop, dorm, whatever </p>

<p>hope that helped :)</p>

<p>I have a question. I'm an incoming freshman for the Class of 2016. I will be attending Rutgers in the fall.
I'm going to the School of Arts & Sciences for Communication/Media. If I enroll now, what are my chances of getting into the Stonier Residence Hall on College Ave?
I know it's pretty popular and fills up quickly.</p>