GIES/BU online MBA vs U Penn LPS

Hello ,

I am am currently on a J-2 visa which allows me to study and work for 3-4 more years. I will be finishing bachelors in August/September. I intend to remain in US for work and will be living in DC area for the next 3 years. I am interested in the GIES/BU online MBA for the price (22K ) given both are solid schools with an amazing price and I wouldnt have to relocate anywhere. Then I came across the UPenn LPS Masters in Science in Organizational Dynamics . Its a non traditional masters degree but still an ivy league degree . Just the fact that it would be UPenn And I would be able to commute from DC to philly to take classes.

I am hoping for a 6 figure Salary (on 50K now ) in the next 2 years in a consulting/finance/management firm. Which would be the better option ? The GIES or BU online MBA which has an average post salary MBA salary of $100K or as an adult learner at UPenn studying MS in Organizational dynamics which may help in my job prospects just because its ivy league ?

Well, note that most of the MBA degree holders from Gies/BU would be adults established in their careers so probably already making 6 figures when they began. Same with the LPS degree participants.

None of these would give the career boost that a M7 MBA (or even T15 MBA) would but they are much cheaper. So they may be worthwhile. Obviously UPenn is an Ivy and better known/regarded abroad. Do note that you may only get one MBA.