Gift for financial aid counselor?

<p>I posted this in the Parent Cafe but didn't get any responses - maybe this is a better place to ask. Would it be appropriate for me to give a gift to the financial aid counselor at my sons school? My son was originally admitted to spring semester - then moved to a fall admit. Even though I know it is the counselors job to help with financial aid I would like to acknowledge his assistance with a small gift. I was thinking maybe a small plant for his office or a gift card (maybe to a local restaurant).</p>

<p>It's never inappropriate to give someone a gift for helping, unless there's an outstanding restraining order against you. I would probably avoid the card though; a gift card to Fat Paul's House of Endless Bacon might not be too popular if he keeps kosher or something. The plant sounds awesome, especially if it's low-maintenance.</p>

<p>Or a gift card to a bookstore or a place like target</p>

<p>My daughter gave mugs and Starbucks gift cards to all of the teachers/student service center staff that wrote letters of recommendation for her scholarship applications. She also gave some of them pictures (of the 2 of them) from various school related events. Even though some of it is their job (the numerous transcripts she requested), it was much appreciated.</p>

<p>The OP is talking about a gift for a college financial aid officer? Is that correct? I would not do that.</p>

<p>Ebee, I'm curious why you feel that way...and would be interested to hear what kelsmom or NikkiL would say on the subject. I think that as long as the FA has been awarded/issues settled (so it doesn't look like a tacky low-rent bribe), it's always nice to thank someone for going out of their way to help. After many false starts and misinformed responses, my D finally found someone in her FA office who took the time to actually look at her situation and check with others on particular programs she was interested in. It took over a month for all her questions to be answered, but this woman did so in a professional, courteous, even friendly way. I suggested that D send a thank you card to her and a note expressing her appreciation for this woman's efforts to the director as well...if she was actually at the school now, I probably would have suggested a personal thanks and a small gift of appreciation.</p>

<p>no, it can be consider bribery.</p>

<p>Cards with a personal note expressing thanks for going above & beyond the call of duty are always appreciated (and I LOVE the idea of letting the director know how much you appreciated the help!!!). We have had students who insisted on giving gifts, so I do understand that some feel compelled to do this --- just be sure it's nothing that can be construed as "money" --- so a plant, cookies, etc are better choices than a gift card. We must be careful not to seem as if we are taking bribes! :)</p>

<p>Thanks for the responses everyone! My son will be a college freshman this fall and I don't want to do something that would appear to be a bribe!</p>