Gift for private lessons teacher

It just struck me that with my son going away to a camp for the summer and then leaving for college in August, his lessons are winding down. He has been with the same instructor for six years and I would like to do some sort of “end” gift. We’ve given her gifts in the past including money and gift certificates but feel like this should be a little bit more personal? Anyone have suggestions?

@leejay22 Pearl earrings with a nice note written by your son.

Some sort of cheaper instrument-related thing could be nice. Like I may buy my saxophone teacher a (good) recorder as a gift before I leave for college.

Is sh she coming resuming lessons once your son returns from camp?

We’ve taken S’ teacher out for a nice dinner after one of his concerts to say ‘thank you’. Symphony ticket subscription might be nice as well. We also have given glass votives from a local store called Glassybaby that are really nice.

$$ from me and a personal note from my S. His teacher taught him for 10 years, and was moving with his young family across country.

I like the idea of a note.
@momo2x2018 - no, will discontinue before he leaves for camp, since he probably will only have 2 weeks in between leaving for college. Sniff, sniff…

Got it. In that case, what about pre-paid dinner (call restaurant to pay ahead ) and a pair of tickets to a concert / show
Given it’s a music teacher, she may appreciate concert tickets, or, depending on budget, a concert series?

The note is a given.

Someone gave our teacher a paid pass to the parking garage next to the music school building, which was really appreciated. (Wish I’d thought of it!)

My daughter is a knitter, and she made a scarf for her teacher, which she gave to her at the last “official” lesson (although she does see her for occasional lessons when on break from college).

@stradmom --brilliant idea, the paid parking pass.