gift ideas for a guitar player

<p>Any suggestions? DH recently took up the classical guitar - something he played with passion in his youth.</p>

<p>Lessons? Strings? Sheet music? Strap and/or nice case? Guitar hanger? (not sure how he stores it?) Does he need an amp (even acoustics use amps sometimes).</p>

<p>Don’t know the name of it but there’s a humidifier packet that hangs over the strings and into the hole when he’s not playing. Makes a HUGE difference in sound by keeping an acoustic guitar at the proper humidity vs. drying out, especially with winter coming.</p>

<p>Does he have an Iphone or another sort of smart phone? There are some FANTASTIC apps for musicians. Guitarists love the metronomes, tuners and recorders available. Such as
Cleartune, Metronome Pro, Pro Keys, Beatmaker. Or for the IPAD–Korg IMS 20, Aurora Sound studio, Etuner or REactable. If you really want to go nuts, an IPAD full of the latest apps is a great gift for any musician.</p>

<p>And nice music stands make a fine gift for any musician.</p>

<p>Thanks all for your advice. Unfortunately DH does not have a smart phone (addicted to Blackberry) - and already has a case, music stand and a humidifier packet. </p>

<p>But the suggestion of strings inspired me to look for and order specialty ones made by the Spanish guitar maker who also made DH’s guitar. </p>

<p>So once again, CC comes through. Again, thanks!</p>

<p>Here’s a fun one–Thinkgeek dot com has a machine that punches guitar picks out of any hard plastic (like credit cards, etc). It’s different, and fun!</p>

<p>Blackberry is technically a smart phone, but I don’t think it has the numbers of guitar apps that the iPhone does.
Also a tuner is a must & a capo?</p>

<p>[Top</a> 10 Small Gifts for Guitarists](<a href=“]Top”>Sports & Activities)</p>

<p>Maybe look into some sort of portable recorder. I know when I started recording it really opened up a new side of playing guitar.</p>

<p>I (who play guitar and thus know these peculiarities) , were my parents to get me something music related, would like a gift certificate/card to guitar center. Assuming of course you have one near you. That way DH can pick out the gift, but will be happy with the opportunity/money. You both win, he gets to pick an awesome gift, you don’t have the stress of picking up something he might not like.</p>

<p>Oooh, Emerald, a capo: didn’t even know what that was! Wikipedia says it’s not used much in classical guitar (which is what DH plays) although flamenco does at times require it. DH loves flamenco. Something to ponder! Maybe something DH could get himself with a gift card as suggested by FinalEyes.</p>