Girls, I need your opinion

<p>Do you like guys who ballroom dance?? Or is that...???</p>

<p>I adore guys who ballroom dance. Especially when they teach me!</p>

<p>Seriously, though, it depends on whether the girl likes the guy to begin with - if she does, the dancing's a perk; if not, it's easy to come across as a bit, well, creepy if you're trying to get the girl to dance, too.</p>

<p>um...i haven't met THAT many of them. i would probably say no b/c most of them seem a little gay/metrosexual and i don't like metro guys. but i'm sure there are nice manly ones out there. </p>

<p>i like guys that can dance, but ballroom isn't the type of dance at the top of my list. i'd rather have a guy who can do hip hop or salsa with me. i guess salsa is part of ballroom. i don't know the specifics.</p>

<p>but i will say dmitry from season 2 of "so you think you can dance" on fox and artam from season 1 were ridiculously hot. both ballroom dancers.</p>

<p>edit: i second the above post. if i like the guy then it'd be nice for him to teach me to dance. but i doubt i would be initially attracted to the fact a guy was a ballroom dancer.</p>

<p>OMG YESSSS, especially since guys who ballroom dance are so rare.</p>

<p>i'll reiterate the first two responses in saying that if you are a sweet guy to begin with, that just adds extra points. Especially if you can teach me.</p>

<p>If I do join, I would be competing in the following dances (copied from website):</p>

<p>"We teach all sorts of different dances, including “official” International and American dances (the dances you see at ballroom competitions: waltz, foxtrot, quickstep, tango, Viennese waltz, rumba, cha cha, samba, jive, east coast swing, bolero, mambo, paso doble), as well as "club" dances (salsa, merengue, west coast swing, jitterbug, lindy hop, nightclub two-step, hustle, Argentine tango, polka, and many more)."</p>

<p>But does it really seem gay/metro in the eyes of girls?</p>

<p>Probably, and it also seems gay/metro in the eyes of almost all guys as well. Learn how to swing dance if you really want to learn something outside of club dancing/ hip hop, or emphasize swing dancing over the ballroom stuff. I can't imagine waltzing is the top priority of most attractive single girls out there, so make it an interesting facet of your life, something that adds a little dimension and mystery to your character, not something that you focus exclusively on. They like that.</p>

I can't imagine waltzing is the top priority of most attractive single girls out there, so make it an interesting facet of your life, something that adds a little dimension and mystery to your character, not something that you focus exclusively on. They like that.


<p>I don't understand this part.</p>

<p>If you're a cool guy to begin with, ballroom dancing makes you more interesting. And as others have said, it would be a lot of fun to learn from you.</p>

<p>I don't think doing ballroom automatically makes you seem gay or metro.</p>

<p>I don't really know how to dance, I can salsa a bit and my friend showed me 3brake dancing moves.... but my dad's friend is this world famous dancer person and since i have nothing to do for the next two weeks during the day I am getting lessons. Will learn ballroom, maybe a bit of swing, some hispanic stuff, and maybe I'll throw in a coffee grinder here and there if I can learn it :)</p>

<p>Wish me luck

<p>P.S. Yeah, I'm kinda doing it for the ladies, but it is also just a handy thing to know how to do. Get props for it if you're good.</p>

<p>ah... i don't think the guys i tend to be interested in would want to ballroom dance just for a hobby so no, i don't really like guys who ballroom dance. i'm interested in more of a football/baseball/lacrosse player</p>

<p>For me it's not a hobby, or something I would want to do a lot. It is more just like a life skill I would like to have in my back pocket in case I ever need it. I think it is a cool thing to know how to do, but not something that I would like to do all the time.... I'd rather be doing something... fun (sports, guitar, friends, etc). Not to bash on anybody who does think it's fun, it's just not my thing.</p>

<p>Just don't drop her on her head when you are dipping her. (Take my word for it.)</p>

<p>Omg, I think it'd be so hot if a guy can teach me to ballroom dance! <em>_</em><3</p>

<p>The honors college here has ballroom dancing classes, and I hear that they're fairly popular. I always thought it would be kind of cool to try, but I'm not in the honors college so... If you come across anyone who's going to accuse you of being gay because you've done it, you might as well keep on walking until you find someone who's not a homophobe.</p>

<p>Well, since all of my guy friends swing dance, I'm going to say yes. :D One of them also does salsa and merengue, and it's very sexy when a guy can dance more than just trying to get you to rub your ... on them.</p>

<p>I'm doing ballroom dancing too, actually it starts tonight :) and I definetly don't consider myself to be gay/metro.</p>

<p>well there's a difference between all of a sudden taking it up. then it's just for fun. i though we were talking about people who at least compete and stuff. </p>

<p>that's like asking "do you like guys who play basketball" and then including EVERYONE who plays, even if it's once a month. those aren't really basketball players.</p>

<p>What would your response be for guys who compete in ballroom dancing?</p>

<p>and just for fun?</p>

<p>Coming from someone that's obsessed with the show "So You Think You Can Dance?" since the only competitive dance my area is the high school drill team, it'd be cool.</p>

well, i already answered your first ? in my previous post. </p>

<p>but if a guy does it for fun, then that's better. i wouldn't hold it against them or anything.</p>