Girls Nation on Georgetown App?

<p>I was recently selected to represent my state at Girls Nation in DC. Where on my Georgetown application should this be included? I realize it is not something I should list under ECs, and the only other place seems to be the "Special Talents/Skills" box, but I'm not even sure if it would really fit there, either. I'd love advice from anyone!</p>

<p>No matter where you put it, make sure you put this on your app! I'm a rising junior and I have been a Boys State counselor since the year after I went to Boys State. There are many, many people at Gtown who went to Boys/Girls State (& Nation).</p>

<p>Hey Im going to Boys Nation this year, and I'm also a GU hopeful. How much weight do you think this will pull on our apps? ...guess ill see ya in DC!</p>