girls@public or prep

<p>Hey my son goes to hotchkiss. Hes athletic and smart. but now my daughter is coming up and some people say that there is a better chance of her coming out of her public school then going to a prep school. what do you think???</p>

- is a leader at her school
- is on student council
- has striaght A's
- Is a dancer at campion level
- Plays field hockey
-plays lacrosse
- is advanced in either flute or clarinet (not sure)
- is a beginner at the piano
- does community service just for the fun of it with friends
- and works with the police department on a bullying prevention group
-and has been in a play</p>

<p>Shes interested in:
and I think she just found out about pomfret</p>

<p>Why isn't your daughter considering Hotchkiss? Also, what do you think of Hotchkiss?</p>

<p>Not sure what you mean by "a better chance".</p>

<p>If you mean that she would have a better chance of getting admitted to an ivy (which seems to be the focus of many people), then yes -- a star student coming out of a mediocre public school (particularly if it is located in North Dakota) MAY have a better chance at getting admitted to an Ivy.</p>

<p>However -- you are gambling that she will stay interested and engaged in the public school system, something that doesn't always happen. You are also gambling that the opportunities that are provided by the public school (music, sports, academics, etc) are enough so that she can find her true potential.</p>

<p>It all depends on the student and the school -- some students can thrive no matter what environment they are in and some public schools offer better education and more opportunities than many private schools.</p>

<p>In some cities (Southeast especially),it does seem as though most boys end up at private or parochial high schools while the motivated, well-rounded females may thrive at the best public high schools. One option is to try 9th grade and if not up to your expectations, apply for 10th grade which at Pomfret for example would be quite possible.</p>