Girls Who Code Summer Immersion 2021

Hi all! I didn’t see a forum for this years’ applicants so I created one.

Great program. I did it 2019, so much fun

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Do you know how selective it is?

Not that selective… I just remember filing out the application and i got in

Did the “essay” part require a lot of thought?

No not really

Has anyone else summited their application? I did on the 4th

I did it a few weeks ago

I just checked the portal a couple of minutes ago and decisions are out. I got in!!!

just checked and I got waitlisted

I got in as well :slight_smile:

yep, I also got waitlisted

I got in :smiley:

I submitted mine recently

I’m on the waitlist. There was only one question so do y’all know how they picked the people to get in? I also really want to get off the waitlist, so does anyone know if it would hurt my chances if I emailed the admissions and sent them some additional info?

I’m assuming that a large percentage of the admissions process is based on demographics, which makes perfect sense. They want to be inclusive of mainly underserved communities. I’m also on the waitlist and I don’t think it would hurt to send them additional info! I also believe that they will be offering an asynchronous version that people can participate in, and it’s essentially the same exact thing so don’t worry too much :))

I emailed GWC and this is what they said (it’s really similar to what you said so you were right haha):

Hi Vivien,

Thank you for your interest in the Virtual Summer Immersion Program!
We wish that we could offer every student a position, but unfortunately we have received a lot of applications this year. We do have a selective application process and consider a wide array of factors for acceptance into the program. While we try to accommodate as many girls as possible off the waitlist, the number of available seats varies by region and program round so we cannot guarantee placement. We are working hard to provide more opportunities for girls and will notify students as soon as possible via email if a seat becomes available.

In the meantime, we encourage you to look at some of our other programs, such as Clubs and Code from Home.
Girls Who Code Team

Have a question? Check out the Girls Who Code FAQ!

This sounds a lot like an automated response lol… I’m guessing this is a “No, don’t send additional info” ???

got waitlisted sadly.

Just received an email that I was accepted off the waitlist!