give examples of a time when u showed...

<p>give examples of a time when u showed...</p>

<p>for intellectual growth:
Academic potential:
curiosity to learn:
responsibility level:
leadership potential:
special talents:</p>

<p>Ideally I show them every day. </p>

<p>It would be amusing to write one of those - yeah, there was this one Tuesday, that one month, yeah, suddenly, suddenly, I showed my special talents. They hide under a rock the rest of the time. Then this one debate this Friday, yeah, I really showed my leadership potential, I showed them, yep, well, now that's done with. And a few years ago - damn it was good - I showed initiative and curiosity to learn. Yeah, I'm just checking these things off the list, baby. Hopefully I'll have an original moment before college apps are due in a few years.</p>

<p>its not my fault that the questions asks that, im wondering what everyone else would write</p>

<p>Just brag about yourself!
I showed curiosity to learn when I decided to indepently study ___ against the wishes of my parents as they thought I would do badly in ____ because of it
I showed responsibility when I did well in both of the above
I showed creativity when I offered ___ idea at NHS meeting
you get the idea
Any CCer's examples will be extraneous to your situation and will just make everyone feel bad.</p>

<p>I agree w/ limon; that type of question is both poorly worded and too narrow in scope to allow an applicant to accurately portray their individual acheivements. How can adcoms put that on an app and NOT expect to get contrived, cookie-cutter answers? IMO, open-ended essays/personal statements allow applicants much more freedom and creativity in their responses, and allow adcoms to glean much more about the applicant than some bland question set.</p>