Give me all of your Marquette opinions!

I’m a psych major in community college and I’m looking at DePaul, Marquette, Purdue, and Loyola. There are things I like and dislike about all 4 schools so please share your opinions with me! Academics, social life, anything!!

Social life at Marquette is awesome. They have tons of stuff to do run by the school (movies every weekend for free, painting, yoga, cookie making, etc) in case you don’t like drinking / partying. It is an EXTREMELY big party school, for better or for worse. Academics are really good if you’re a STEM major, particularly any type of engineering.

It is an academically solid school. The professors/Administration is committed to ensuring you à have a successful collegiate experience. There are a multitude of extracurricular activities to get involved in and enjoy. Milwaukee is a nice mid size city with plenty of things to do and future employment opportunities. It’s a nice campus as far as urban schools go. It is smaller than Purdue which make huge differences, academically and socially. They live their motto “Be the Difference”. If I were choosing from the schools you listed…it would be down to Marquette and Loyola. Loyola might win out in the psychology department (don’t know for sure; my kid is a secondary ed/broad field science major at MU and my other kid applied to Loyola as a psych major, but ultimately ended up at Texas A&M, so I have no direct knowledge of either schools psych department).

My DD is soon to be a senior at MU, she loves it there, not to say there aren’t some drawbacks (all schools have a few) but it was absolutely the best choice for her

as we DePaul people liked to say, “Muck Farquette” :smile:
seriously, it’s a academically decent school, know a lot of good people who came to DePaul for grad school and vice versa. Probably around the same as Loyola and DePaul. I would biased towards DePaul mainly because it’s in the big city with a lot of connections to a lot of industry and both campuses are in awesome locations. Not too sure what the connections with Marquette would be.