Glasses or Contacts?

<p>This question was asked before, but I don't think there was a clear answer so I'm sorry if it was already answered...</p>

<p>Should we wear glasses on I-Day in case something is wrong with the BCGs and so we have them when the ac year starts? Or should we wear contacts since we can just dispose of them that day and not worry about them getting lost? Do they take your glasses if you wear them?</p>

<p>Either way- for I-Day, doesn't matter. Just remember, by the time you walk out of Alumni Hall you will be issued BCG's.</p>

<p>I do recall hearing one story about someone not being able to get the script for his/her BCG's (not sure if they ran out, or what happened)- and they were permitted to wear their own glasses for a day....
in that case, I would think glasses would be better than contacts.</p>

<p>If you wear glasses, they will be stored with your other items- you will get them back at the end of plebe summer and allowed to wear them (or your contacts) at that time.</p>

<p>Our mid did not have her BCG's for about two weeks. </p>

<p>She had worn her disposible contacts to I Day (to throw away when she got her BCG's). We had her glasses with us and gave them to her after swearing in. (also, her BCG's broke during a training rotation after a few weeks and she finished the last week of summer with those regular glasses)</p>

<p>If she had not needed her regular glasses, we would have probably brought them to PPW or mailed them in a care package along with her contacts.</p>

<p>You are not permitted contacts during plebe summer, and the word we got was that you would not have time to bother with them even if they were permitted.</p>

<p>What about the kids who are playing football or sprint football? They will need their contacts in when they have their helments on, so will those kids be authorized to wear contacts for the summer or will they have to go back to their room everyday and switch out the glasses and put in their contacts?</p>

<p>Most varsity athletes would have a personal locker at their training facility to keep things like contact lenses for practice once their sport gets underway. </p>

<p>A question for current mids; are plebes on the varsity football team released from Plebe summer duties once they start their pre-season training camp?</p>