Glen Canyon reappears as the reservoir Lake Powell dries up

The Glen Canyon Dam flooded Glen Canyon in 1963 to create the Lake Powell reservoir. Now that the reservoir is drying up, Glen Canyon is reappearing.


So all the rain and snow they’re getting this year won’t help fill it up again?

Note that the Colorado River, which fills Lake Powell, depends on precipitation in its wartershed areas in Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming.


The Colorado river watershed has had a lot of snow but not like California. I think it’s at about 130-140% of normal. It will help these two reservoirs and possibly distract the interested parties away from the problem of overuse, but it’s not going to fill the reservoirs or fix the problem.


I just watched a YouTube video where it was predicted the snow in the Colorado River watershed would increase Lake Powell’s level anywhere from 30-50 feet. It’s currently about 170 feet below the height at capacity. So the snow will help a bit, but won’t fill the lake up. I drove by Lake Powell last summer and it was both scary and depressing to see how low the lake was. Same with Lake Shasta in northern California.


Glen Canyon looks gorgeous. I actually hope they let it stay, at least until we can explore it. It’s a shame that it was ever flooded TBH.

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This reservoir was built to satisfy the needs of upper basin states like Colorado, Utah, and Wyoming. They will never give up this dam even if Colorado keeps on dying.